A word from the Web Master

It’s almost here—the St. Joseph County Bar Association’s biggest yearly event: the Annual Golf Outing. Registration is available online. If, like your humble Web Master, you don’t golf, then register for the dinner.  No excuses will be accepted. Absences may result in the issuance of a show cause order from…well, none of our judges would agree to issue show cause orders. But hopefully you get the point: the Board of Governors and your Web Master want to see you there! In the age of electronic filing, fewer court hearings, and overall busy-ness, we rarely get to rub elbows and enjoy the company of our colleagues. This event is a great time to reconnect, find out just how bad a golfer your partner really is, and have a lot of laughs all day and evening.

Deadline for registration is July 11, 2014. The event is on July 17 at Juday Creek.


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