About the SJCBA

Founded in 1873, the St. Joseph County Bar Association serves approximately 600 attorneys, judges, paralegals, and law students in St. Joseph County, Indiana. The Association offers continuing legal education programming, practice area committees, and social events. The Association is led by the Board of Governors, and it employs an executive director and legal referral program manager.

Officers and Staff

  • William L. Wilson, President
  • Victoria Wolf, President-Elect
  • Angela Kelver Hall, Vice President
  • Nicholas Derda, Secretary
  • Mitch Heppenheimer, Treasurer
  • Matthew Kaczmarek, Immediate Past-President
  • Amy McGuire, Executive Director (574) 245-6753
  • Robin Forsythe, Legal Referral Program Director (574) 235-9657

Board of Governors

  • Timothy Curran
  • Hon. Jenny Pitts Manier
  • David Pruitt
  • Jason Cichowicz
  • Stephanie Steele
  • Jamie C. Woods

Ex-Officio (non-voting) Members

  • Hon. Michael G. Gotsch
  • Ben Jonas, New Lawyers Co-Chair
  • Thomas J. Walz, New Lawyers Co-Chair
  • Angelika Mueller, Legal Services of Indiana
  • Mario J. Zappia

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